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Olivia Tomozy L.H.I.S.

Olivia Tomozy L.H.I.S.

Meet Olivia Tomozy, hearing health care professional and owner of American Hearing Aid Center in Menlo Park. Olivia Tomozy graduated from Colegio Nacional, Posadas in the Northern Province Misiones of Argentina, where she was born from European emigrant parents. Her studies at the University of Architecture in Buenos Aires came to a halt, when she flew to Europe to marry Kurt. They have one son living in San Francisco.

Olivia has been serving the needs of the hearing impaired for over 25 years. She is a California licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and is a member of the International Hearing Society and of Hearing Healthcare Providers of California since 1997.

Olivia is married to Kurt Tomozy, who is her office manager, comptroller, tech assistant and sounding board.

Kurt Tomozy C.F.P.

Kurt Tomozy C.F.P.

Kurt Tomozy was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. After serving his draft in the Danish military and completing his business education, the international company he worked for sent him to South America, where the company had multiple interests. He was sent to Paraguay as CEO of a company owned timber industry, the largest in the country. It was here – crossing the river to Posadas – that he met Olivia: they were married in Italy.

Kurt and Olivia spent the next several years in Italy, the last 4 years Kurt was president of an Italian hearing aid dispensing chain of 125 offices owned by a large Danish hearing aid manufacturer. Following Italy they transferred to Minneapolis, Minn., where Kurt started Danavox Inc. as president. Olivia not enjoying the Midwest climate too much convince Kurt to move to California, where they work together in American Hearing Aid Center.