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Patient Testimonials

My Dear Mrs. Tomozy,
Please accept our most profound thanks and deepest appreciation for your wonderful help; in so many ways for my husband, Lt. Col. K. Please know that we will tell anyone who has a hearing loss about you and your expertise, and your very modern equipment. Most of all, we will stress your desire and ability to help the hearing impaired. Such a special lady you are!

Please give our regards to your son and husband, and again, our thanks go out to you.

Louise Shelton K.

Dear Olivia,
Mom’s hearing aid is working fine! Great News!

We thank you for all your help and thoughtfulness in helping to make her days so much more pleasurable. Words alone cannot describe the difference.

From both of us.

Victoria and June A.

Dear Olivia,
A letter of appreciation from one of your many fans. Your kindness and expert professionalism in your field have given you a loyal following. May this area be fortunate enough to have you in business for many years to come. And it’s for sure, you certainly win hands down as the prettiest hearing aid specialist in these parts.

Warmest Best Wishes,
Fran K.

Dear Olivia,
I wish to thank you and your family for the excellent service that you have provided for me – a job well done! The new aid is fulfilling my needs and I’m extremely pleased with the selection. Thanks for everything.

Len B.

Dear Olivia,
Whatever the language, words are often not adequate to convey one’s feelings, so I am sending “un abbraccione italiano to thank you for your caring and your compassion which have been a big help to me in the months of frustration and to thank you for all your helpful advice which continues to be useful.

The only good word I have to say about my hearing loss is that it led me to you because I have very much enjoyed meeting you. Years back, if I had received the kind of caring, instructions and helpful encouragement I have received from you, I might have continued with the hearing aids then.

Si, mille grazie – con molto apprezzamiento ed anche molto afftetto.

A presto,